Luxury Vans & Shuttle Service

When you're going out on tour you’ll be transporting loads of stuff. Our luxury vans will provide you with the most efficient and comfortable way of getting your band, crew and equipment from one venue to another. We have a considerable fleet of vans that fit the special requirements of bands on tour. We also provide airport-shuttles and limousine-services.
powered by Mercedes Benz

  • Onboard satnav
  • DVD player / flat screen monitor at backseats with Playstation, camcorder, laptop, iPod, etc. connectivity
  • separate 230-volt mains power
  • tinted privacy glass and AC
  • solid partition separating seating area from trunk
  • hydraulic driver’s seat
  • cruise control
  • alarm monitored interior

Besides traveling comfort and luxury interior, the vehicles offer the highest level of safety:

  • all vans are inspected at regular intervals by authorized mechanics
  • the vehicles are on the road for a maximum of 2 years before being replaced
  • all vans are equipped with all-season tyres

We also offer various trailers and if desired, also provide experienced drivers so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your well-deserved after-show drink.

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